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A Portal Without SuSE (Some More FAQs)

Frank Rennemann
Translated by
Tino Tanner

Many of our long-standing visitors may have wondered why the Linux Knowledge Portal moved from the SuSE domain to a non-SuSE .org domain. Since the accompanying announcement on the SuSE Portal was rather ambiguous, and in order to avert possible rumors, here some answers intended to enlighten inevitable questions:

Did you have a row with SuSE?
No, although we were dismissed on operational grounds, we did not have a bitter parting. SuSE gave us the possibility to design and continue to run the Portal in the same form as it had been operated under the SuSE logo. I will not give any exact figures, but a project of these dimensions costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, provided you save expenses as we did :-) Red Hat once failed in an attempt to do something similar with a staff several times as large as ours. Then, after the Portal had been online for six months, SuSE decided to get rid of it. If you want to know the reasons, ask SuSE. However, lack of success was not the reason; after all, the number of hits increased by 15 - 30 percent every month. In Juli, the last month in which the Portal was maintained as usual, the access statistics reached the magical two-million limit, with no less than 2.3 page impressions!
Who pays you now?
Nobody or the Portal visitors. We do not receive any financial support from SuSE or any other Linux company. Nevertheless, you will have noticed the banner ads at the top right. The proceeds from the banners are used to cover the hosting charges for this Web site as well as part of our online expenses.
Are you against SuSE Linux?
No, by no means. Some of us were laid off by SuSE, but that's not the distribution's fault.
For/against which distribution are you?
We are always FOR the best and AGAINST the worst (if there is any bad distribution). This may change from version to version, provided individual distributors are open to criticism and improve their products.
Who are you?
Some of us have already worked for the Portal during its SuSE days. The team in alphabetic order:
  • Rolf Gauss (formerly responsible for the hardware and the failsafe solution)
  • Christian Hack (former working student and creator of the movable news channels)
  • Jana Jaeger (former chief editor and author of many excellent articles)
  • Christian Kairies (Web specialist and Linux expert)
  • Frank Rennemann (former head and "father" of the Portal and the first software versions)
  • Martin Sommer (former editor, ht:Dig specialist, and lord of the hit statistics)
What is going to happen to you and the Portal?
In order to survive, all of us work in different jobs, some of them not having much to do with Linux. We maintain and develop the Portal in our free time. Currently, the Portal is hosted at a large German Web hoster (Puretec). We are in the process of reestablishing the offer of the old Portal and materialize the ideas we have come up with since then.
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